Where to Add Frameless Glass at Home for an Updated Style and Function

If you love a modern look and style in your home, you’ll want to use lots of metal and glass for your accessories and other features. Glass pieces especially can also open up a smaller space, and ensure lots of sunlight passes through all the home’s interior spaces. Frameless glass is good to use around the home, as these pieces won’t clash with any decor you choose, even if you change that decor or style often throughout the years!

Clearing Up Some Confusion About Residential Glass

Before you buy new windows or glass doors for your home, you may want to take a few minutes and educate yourself about the various types of glass that are available to you. Many homeowners are confused about the glass used in windows and doors and they don’t make the best choices. Note some misconceptions and confusion about these pieces so you can better discuss your options with a window or door installer.

Some Important Precautions About Installing a Glass Splashback in Your Home

A great way to add some brightness to an otherwise dull and dark kitchen is to install a glass splashback. The glass will reflect light and keep the space from seeming small and closed-in while providing a surface that’s easy to clean. Glass will also protect the home’s walls from food splatter or the risk of burning and smouldering from stove top cooking. If you’re thinking of installing a glass splashback in your home, however, note a few important precautions, and especially if you’re thinking of tackling this job yourself:

Give Your Home a Glamorous Touch With Glass Features and Accessories

If you want a touch of glamour inside your home, or a way to tone down wood features and wood trim, you might consider using glass pieces and accessories. There are many ways that commercial glass can lighten up a home and make it seem more upscale and glamorous, while also reflecting more light and making small spaces seem open and bright. Note a few ways you can bring that glamorous touch to your home with glass accessories and pieces.

Misconceptions You Might Have About Residential Window Repair and Replacement

Residential windows can often be repaired rather than replaced when damaged if the damage is minimal and there are no outright holes in the window. Having glass window repairs can mean avoiding the cost of new windows and also means windows without unsightly chips or cracks. However, sometimes that damage is beyond repair, even if the windows are not actually broken. Since many homeowners have some common misconceptions about residential window repair and replacement, note a few of those here, so you don’t put off having window repair and replacement done when necessary.

How to Add Style and Function to Your Office With Commercial Glass

If you own or manage any type of office building, you may call a commercial glass installer when you need new glass entry doors or windows. However, a glass installer can also add style and function inside your office with various installations of commercial glass. Note a few suggestions to keep in mind, and then discuss these with your glass installer. Protecting conference room tables A conference room table usually goes through lots of use and downright abuse every day; your staff may put their cups on it without a coaster, slide their computers and phones over its surface, and write on thin sheets of paper on top of that table.