How to Add Style and Function to Your Office With Commercial Glass

If you own or manage any type of office building, you may call a commercial glass installer when you need new glass entry doors or windows. However, a glass installer can also add style and function inside your office with various installations of commercial glass. Note a few suggestions to keep in mind, and then discuss these with your glass installer.

Protecting conference room tables

A conference room table usually goes through lots of use and downright abuse every day; your staff may put their cups on it without a coaster, slide their computers and phones over its surface, and write on thin sheets of paper on top of that table. In turn, your table may soon look scuffed and scratched, and may wind up with water marks and even writing on its surface. A glass installer can typically add a layer of durable commercial glass over the table, so that it's surface is protected from beverages, scratchy or leaky pens, and other potential damage.

Employee kitchen benchtops

Adding a layer of glass on the benchtops in an employee kitchen can also protect that surface. Commercial glass won't show food stains or even burn marks from plastic microwave dishes and other such items, resulting in fewer repair and cleaning bills for your office.

Extending a surface

A visitor who needs to check with a receptionist may be able to easily see over a short counter, which can result in a lack of privacy for any paperwork, computers, and other items kept at the front. A glass installer can add a section of glass to the edge of that counter, extending it toward the waiting area, so that a visitor doesn't get as close to the receptionist's area, and has less visibility to their workspace. This glass lip or edge can add space for holding guest books, badges, brochures, and other items you might want to keep at the front.

Glass walls and doors

An open office or cubicle area is good for making your office seem bigger and brighter, and more team-oriented, but this also means lots of noise and distractions for workers. A good compromise can be to have your commercial glass installer erect glass partitions between workers, and create glass walls for offices, conference rooms, and the like. The glass helps to keep that open look you might want in the office, but it will also keep sound insulated so that workers aren't as distracted by conversations, phones, and other such noise.