Where to Add Frameless Glass at Home for an Updated Style and Function

If you love a modern look and style in your home, you'll want to use lots of metal and glass for your accessories and other features. Glass pieces especially can also open up a smaller space, and ensure lots of sunlight passes through all the home's interior spaces.

Frameless glass is good to use around the home, as these pieces won't clash with any decor you choose, even if you change that decor or style often throughout the years! Note a few suggestions for where to add frameless glass at home, for both style and function.

Home office

If you have a home office, or need to create one, but don't like being cut off from the family while working, frameless glass can be a good option. Glass sheets can be used in place of standard walls, so you have a full view of what's going on outside the office while still getting noise insulation and privacy inside that room. You can have glass panels installed with a simple opening for an entryway, or include a matching glass door, if you need to lock the door and keep things confidential and secure. Using glass panels this way also allows you to create an office in the corner of a room without making the space seem "chunky" and poorly planned.

Room divider

Many homes today are designed with one large room for the living and dining area, or with a family room that flows directly into the kitchen. This may not be to your liking, but adding a wall between those spaces might make one area feel closed-in and somewhat dark.

A frameless glass panel can be installed from floor to ceiling instead, allowing light to pass through those spaces while also providing the separation you want. Opt for frosted or etched glass for maximum privacy and some added visual interest.


A heavy wood railing and thick wood spindles around a staircase can make the entire stairwell seem dark and foreboding. Frameless glass is a good alternative, and it can work as balusters and balustrades, providing a firm handrail without making the staircase seem overly dark. As with room dividers, you can choose etched glass or frosted glass for a bit of visual interest, and even use a different material for the handrail to break up the look of too much glass. Choose a thick metal rail for an industrial look, or add a wood rail if you want to combine traditional and modern styles in the home.