What You Need to Know About Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless glass shower screens can provide an elegant touch to any property. Different glass and fitting designs are available which offer both functional and decorative features. Frameless shower screens will need to meet general standards and be regularly maintained. Here is everything that you need to know about frameless glass shower screens. Glass There are a number of glass options available. There is glass that features less iron which makes the screen clearer than traditional glass.

Stylish and Smart: Design Hacks for Your Kitchen Refit

Your kitchen is the room where ‘style meets substance’ is most important. You need a lot of surface space, storage and functional features — but since you’ll be spending a lot of time in it, you also don’t want it to look purely functional. In order to tick every box, you may want to employ some bright ideas that will serve this dual purpose for you. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started — and good news!

What You Need to Know About Residential Window Repair and Replacement

Keeping your home’s windows in good repair is important for your home’s security, and for keeping energy costs low. Old and worn windows may be easy for a would-be intruder to break, and it may also be letting in hot, stuffy air during summertime and cold air in winter. Older windows that are not in good condition might also be lowering your home’s value. If you know your home needs new windows, or want to improve the value of your home, note a few things to discuss with a glass repair person or installer.