Give Your Home a Glamorous Touch With Glass Features and Accessories

If you want a touch of glamour inside your home, or a way to tone down wood features and wood trim, you might consider using glass pieces and accessories. There are many ways that commercial glass can lighten up a home and make it seem more upscale and glamorous, while also reflecting more light and making small spaces seem open and bright. Note a few ways you can bring that glamorous touch to your home with glass accessories and pieces.

In the kitchen

If you have a kitchen island, you might use a length of toughened glass that is attached to its edge, to create a counter. This glass piece can then be used for casual eating, for serving guests while entertaining, and even for displaying cookbooks.

A glass splashback is also a good choice for reflecting light and opening up a small and dark kitchen, or you can have a glass piece added over your current benchtops. This will provide a hygienic surface for food prep while still displaying the current benchtop material.


You may assume that your home has all the windows it can accommodate; however, stationary windows, or those that don't actually open, can be installed in many areas of the home for added sunlight a bit of glamour. A glass installer might add a transom, which is a piece of glass over a door, to the exterior doorways, for added height and openness. You might add stationary windows along a hallway with an exterior wall, or even in the kitchen, over the sink. If you opt for etched or stained glass, this can make your stationary windows even more glamorous and attractive.

Glass dividers

If you have rooms in the home that do double duty, you might have a glass divider added for some separation and a bit of glamour. A glass panel between the dining and living areas can add separation between the spaces, or you might remove the door to the dining room or home office and replace it with a glass panel, to open up the space and keep the home from looking boxy.

Glass dividers are also good in a large bedroom if you keep your home office, exercise equipment, laundry, or other unsightly pieces in that space. You can install a frosted glass panel to block the view of this area, so it's not distracting and so that the sleeping area feels a bit more glamorous yet still very comfortable and relaxing.