Installing Aluminium Windows or Doors in Your House

Aluminium windows and doors are strong and light, and they come in a range of powder-coated and anodised colours. This metal naturally repels rust, so you won't have to worry about your windows corroding in this way. Aluminium's lightweight nature will make it easy to open wide sliding doors and large windows. When installing these windows, you can choose different glass types. Here are several options to keep in mind.

Low-Emissivity Glass

Even though glass windows brighten a home and improve its ambience, they can allow heat to enter rooms in the summer. If the sun shines directly on a window, the solar radiation can transfer through the glass. Even without direct sunlight, the heat in the air can also infiltrate past a window.

Some energy-efficient glass options can help prevent this, one possibility being Low-E glass. These panes have a coating that hinders solar radiation and conductive heat transfer. Low-E glass can be inserted into a double-glazed window unit or a single-pane design.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass comes in colours such as bronze, grey, blue and green. These hues arise from additives that are mixed into the glass during the manufacturing process. The particular tints affect the light flow through the window — some colours will let more light pass than others. Toned glass is a good option if you experience direct sunlight on a window, as it helps with solar radiation. However, it's not as effective in blocking the flow of conductive heat, which is about the general warmth in the atmosphere.

Laminated Glass

Depending upon the size and placement of a glass window or door, it may require safety glass as prescribed by building codes. One type of safety glass is laminated panes. These consist of two glass sheets that are laminated together with a resin interlayer. This interlayer holds the glass pieces together if the window is impacted. The glass pieces don't usually fly everywhere, protecting anyone from possible injury. Laminated glass is about safety rather than energy efficiency. But it can help to block noise depending on the specific make-up of the interlayer within the window glass sandwich.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is another form of safety glass that you may consider for aluminium windows or doors. These glass panes have undergone a tempering process of rapid heating and cooling, making them especially robust and resistant to breakage. Thus, your home's windows will be more secure from intruders or flying balls from sports play. In any case, even if toughened glass breaks, it fragments into rounded cubes, not pointy shards. Because of this safe breaking pattern, it's less likely to cause injuries than standard glass.

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