What You Need to Know About Residential Window Repair and Replacement

Keeping your home's windows in good repair is important for your home's security, and for keeping energy costs low. Old and worn windows may be easy for a would-be intruder to break, and it may also be letting in hot, stuffy air during summertime and cold air in winter. Older windows that are not in good condition might also be lowering your home's value. If you know your home needs new windows, or want to improve the value of your home, note a few things to discuss with a glass repair person or installer.

Who needs triple-glazed windows?

Glazing refers to how many panes of glass make up a window, and most homes today should have at least double-glazed windows. This second pane of glass, and the air or argon gas that is sealed between those two panes, adds insulation to the home. However, triple-glazing adds even more insulation against extremes in temperature as well as noise. If you live near a loud school or road or want to protect your neighbours from your own stereo in the home, invest in triple-glazed windows.

Who needs impact-resistant glass?

Impact-resistant glass is heat-treated so it's dense and strong, and then covered with a layer of a protective laminate. You may assume that only homes located near a golf course or other obvious hazard would need impact-resistant glass, but note that tree branches scraping up against windows can cause damage to the glass, as can lots of strong vibrations. Also, strong winds that kick up dirt, dust, and sand might also scratch the surface of your home's windows. Impact-resistant glass will be better protected from that damage, so consider this investment if you live in the tropics, the desert, or anywhere else with such inclement weather.

When does a home need new windows?

Broken glass is not the only reason to get new windows in the home; if window glass seems very dull and dim, it may be scratched and damaged and need replacing. If you notice that a window is especially draughty, this might mean that the glass is coming out of the frame, and the caulk around the window needs repair. If windows rattle excessively, this often means that they're very old and thin or are coming away from the frame. If the home has double-glazed windows and you notice dust between the panes, this means that the seal between them has broken and the windows then needs repair or replacing.