Characteristics Contributing to The Unceasing Popularity of Bespoke Glass Splashbacks

When you're sourcing residential building supplies in the current age, it may seem that glass features in every room. From glass balustrading to frameless shower screens, you could be thinking that having this supply in each room of your home would be overkill. But this is untrue. It may seem that glass is enjoying a renaissance right now, but the reality is that employing this material is not a passing trend.

Thus, when remodelling your kitchen, it only makes sense to gravitate toward glass splashbacks, too. However, rather than selecting this material from your local hardware store, you should invest in the custom variety. Check out the following characteristics that contribute to the unceasing popularity of bespoke glass splashbacks.

Superior hygiene

One of the biggest benefits that bespoke glass splashbacks offer over their counterparts is superior hygiene. This is due to the no-grout installation of this material. Unlike most other splashbacks, glass splashbacks comprise a singular solid panel. Eliminating grout lines dramatically decreases the risk of grime, bacteria and other pathogens accumulating on the splashbacks, which subsequently diminishes the threat of food contamination in your kitchen.

In addition to this, the lack of grout lines goes a long way in preserving the pristine appearance of the splashbacks without you having to undertake in arduous cleaning each time food or drinks splatter onto the wall — not to mention the impervious nature of the glass means that contaminants will not seep into your splashbacks. So if you want splashbacks that will enhance the hygiene of your space, bespoke glass splashbacks are the best solution.

Exceptional allure

A common reason why some homeowners think that glass does not offer much to write home about in regards to its visual appeal is that these individuals are probably envisioning traditional annealed glass. In truth, the design of glass splashbacks has come a long way over the years. The great thing about opting for the bespoke variety is that you have complete control over the aesthetic of your new glass splashbacks.

As an example, if you have a contemporary-chic kitchen that is characterised by sleek cabinetry and luxe hardware, bespoke glass splashbacks in silver or gold would elevate the appeal of this space. Alternatively, if your kitchen looks somewhat muted and you would like to create a point of interest in this room, glass splashbacks in a bold primary colour such as red or blue will break the monotony instantly.

Additional characteristics contributing to the unceasing popularity of glass splashbacks include their heat resistance, a multitude of finishes, enhanced light reflectivity and many more.