Steady Tips for Cleaning Stained Glass

Leadlights add creativity and art to any space. They provide a timeless glamour which makes your house stand out from the rest. Apart from the beautiful appeal, leadlights do not show dirt as much as the standard glass. However, you still need to clean them regularly or them to preserve the beauty. If you are lucky to have the stained-glass doors in your home, this guide will help you know how you can clean them without causing any damage. 

How to clean leadlights

The process of cleaning leadlight doors or windows is a little bit more complicated than that of the regular glass. The lead or zinc beading requires special attention to keep it immaculate as it was during the initial installation.

When cleaning the leadlight, apply an ammonia-free solution. Most ammonium products are quite aggressive, and they can easily damage the stained glass. Also, use a soft cloth instead of a newspaper or other rough paper towels as they may easily cause scratches. Besides, a newspaper contains ink which can react with the stained glass and produce adverse results.

When cleaning, be gentle on the glass. Applying too much pressure can easily separate the glass. Take good care of the edges by cleaning all built up dirt and surface deposits. Wash the door with a mix of a ph-neutral soap and warm water. 

Delicately wipe off the glass with a soft micro-fibre cloth to create a stunning effect. If you notice any dirt mound when cleaning, add vinegar or bleach to clean it. If the mould has given the glass an irreversible discolouration, call a leadlights experts to advise you. 

When wiping, always start from the top to the bottom. Never rub the glass vigorously, whether you are using a dry cloth or a wet cloth.

Danger signs for repair

When cleaning your leadlight door, you might notice some danger signs which indicate that your door needs immediate repair. Some of the signs which you should not ignore include:

  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Glazing which falls out during the cleaning process
  • Hairline cracking, especially in the lead part

Many situations contribute to the above breakages. For instance, it could be due to extreme temperatures making the glass to contract and expand. The damages could also be as a result of ageing to poor maintenance.

Leadlights are valuable investments which contribute to the aesthetics of a house. If you have them in your home, observe the above cleaning tips to prolong their lifespan. When you notice any sign of damage such as crack, look for a professional to restore it. Find someone who provides leadlight doors for more information.