Benefits Of Installing Glass Staircase Balustrades

If you're looking to upgrade your home with a new stairway balustrade, why not install a sleek glass design? With a modern, open aesthetic, they enhance any space. Here are some benefits in more detail.

Strong And Durable

When installing a glass balustrade, you want to be sure that it will provide a substantial barrier to keep family and friends safe. These balustrades use toughened glass, which undergoes a tempering process that makes the glazing about fives times stronger than ordinary glass. You can thus feel assured of their security.

Sometimes, the panels use toughened and laminated glazing, which consists of two sheets of toughened glass on either side of a polyester interlayer. Heat and pressure bond the three together to form one incredibly tough panel. Even it these panels crack, typically in a spider web pattern, the plastic middle layer usually holds everything together, providing temporary security. Additionally, as glass doesn't have gaps between railings, children and pets can't attempt to squeeze through.


No matter what your balustrades overlook, they provide an unhindered view, giving a sense of space and openness and allowing light to flow freely. For stairways that can have a cramped feel, glass is the ideal material as the stairs will feel broader and more spacious than they are. If the balustrades continue around a mezzanine level, they will help to brighten up that area also.

Framing Options

You can alter the framing on your balustrade to generate a variety of looks. For a super sleek streamlined effect, choose a frameless model, which has minimal interruption to the smooth glass expanse. Or else, go fully framed so that each panel has edging on all four sides. Metal framing can be rectangular for a contemporary look or rounded for a classic feel. Glass combines perfectly with white painted timber frames, to add a touch of warmth and tradition while retaining a smooth aesthetic. 

Glazing Variations

Offering further opportunity to create the ideal design piece, you can select from several glazing options when installing your balustrade. Frosted glass softens the light and minimises glare, for a beautiful variation. Select either an even satin sheen or instil decorative motifs into the glass; your glazier will have a variety of options. Tinted glass in grey, bronze, blue or green provides a chance to inject a touch of colour.


Glass balustrades, with all the structural options, provide design freedom as you can install them indoors and out, in a variety of spaces. Around a pool or a deck, or protecting a balcony or mezzanine level—they are suitable for many areas. You can thus visually unite your indoor and outdoor living areas, for a cohesive feel throughout your home.